FAQ - Absolute Cleaning Pro

  • Basics

  • What should I do to prepare for my home cleaning?

    We appreciate if you will provide our cleaning team with a clutter-free environment. If that environment does not exist, we may not be able to fully complete your clean.

  • Do I need to provide house cleaning supplies?

    We provide all cleaning equipment and products. If you have a special cleaning product that you would like for us to use, please be sure to discuss this us in advance, so that we can properly instruct the crew.

  • How much will it cost to clean my home?

    When determining your home cleaning cost we recognize that every home is as unique as the homeowner. We base your exact price on many factors including pets, clutter, floor types, as well as, the number of people who live there. Call (425) 518-4177 and schedule an appointment for more details about our service and an exact price to clean your home.

  • Will it cost the same each time you come to my house?

    The initial cleaning get your house detail clean by cleaning areas other companies often neglect. Because this initial cleaning take additional time we typically charge an additional fee. After your initial cleaning, the price will not vary between visits.

  • Will you come on the same day and time for each clean?

    While we can commit to a specific day, there are many factors throughout the day that may affect our actual arrival time. We will do our best to keep the day/time pre-scheduled.

  • Do I need to be home during the cleaning?

    Absolutely not. In fact, most of our customers prefer not to be home when we clean!

  • How do I pay for my home cleaning?

    Payment is due the day of each scheduled clean. Most of our customers simply leave a check or cash on the kitchen counter or pay electronically via Venmo/Cash app.

  • Will I always have the same people cleaning my home?

    We do our best to have the same two professional house cleaners in your home every time we clean. However, sometimes due to vacations, illness, or cleans being rescheduled we will have to send a different cleaner or team instead. Our primary goal is to provide a consistent clean no matter who cleans your home.

  • What happens if something breaks?

    Unfortunately, sometimes in the cleaning process items may be broken. If this occurs, the cleaning team will leave a note with the item to let you know. We will work with you to find a suitable resolution.


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