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Absolute Cleaning Pro

Absolute Cleaning Pro has been at the forefront of Home Cleaning since 2007.

Due to the excellent service we provide Absolute has grown considerably since the early days, however, we are proud to say we remain a family run business and we are accepting new customers. 

We have cleaners operating throughout all King County. Our cleaning staff work Monday to Saturday. Our service is totally flexible, designed to meet the customer's requirements and exceed their expectations. 

Book a regular visit and we’ll send you the same trusted cleaners every week or biweekly. If you take advantage of our free key-holding service, they can even clean while you’re at work. 

Absolute cleaners have a real passion for cleaning and take great pride in their work. We believe in treating our staff well, offering full support and paying them a fair wage. Happy Staff who enjoy their job lead to happy customers!


Thoroughly dependable, outrageously reasonable.

Phone: +1 425.518.4177
Phone: +1 425.518.4218